Monday, 8 May 2017

Hazel, A303

We pass this way once more. It happens once
or maybe every other year, 
take to the low road that leads into the West
and at the place between solid castle and pliant hazel
the verge undulates, trees strobe by the windows.
Hazel… Z & L, the sought for glimpse
of the terracotta cottage where you wore wisdom
like a man wears a hat, you - slender like hazel
carrying knowledge, knowledge of the small things -
the shadow of the nightjar, the impress of the deer hoof 
like teardrops in the mud 
carried knowledge like a staff
the shape of the earth 
and the forked twigs
like diviners that twitch
at the source, the sweet kernel
encased in a shell
shaded in the colour that heals.

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