Thursday, 20 April 2017

Straight Ahead

For some years now I have been a lucky recipient of Red Shuttleworth’s chapbooks published by Bunchgrass Press. Each chapbook is beautifully produced and testament to Red’s hard work and generosity. Now, in book format, Red has been published by Blue Horse Press. Straight Ahead is a fine collection of poems that have a bi-focal vision as the poet wanders through the sagebrush - the immediate surrounding is blended with visions of the past and the future in a sequence that speaks straight from the heart. 

Intimate Portrait

To grow up knowing how
to hold your own death
like a library card…
and to softly place it in a cupboard.
Perhaps field mice
would get it before
it got to you. You imagined
you could learn on-the-run.

- Red Shuttleworth

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