Friday, 9 December 2016

On Visiting The Shelley Theatre

- Boscombe, 2016

Strangers in the street, in spite of everything
are nothing other than helpful -
the time-pressed decorator
the fit-bit on his wrist jogger

fragile cliff - no, that’s not an oxymoron - prone to erosion
the glass and timber of the bus shelter
with plank bench and (temporarily?) abandoned
sleeping bag, bright green zig zags 
of graffiti and two dead beer bottles
the other eight lost somewhere after
the accidental fall

a bank of sand makes a fine seat
a place to think
a place to breathe
the still sea
one loan boat

and the wings of an angel


a single step sets you on the stage, the oaken boards
from the old gas-powered days, a single bed
and fake blood spreads on a real knife blade

Shelley stares back at you
from within a black frame
stares at you and the white flowers 
set in alabaster with the aroma
of moulds exhaled by the damp mortar

Shelley stares back at you
and the wings of an angel

Su Joy 2016



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