Thursday, 4 August 2016

Park Life II

A whippet thin old man limps along with an old dog that limps along to conform with the dogs take after their owners theory. The man wears a red bandana and a gold necklace that gives him a vaguely nautical aspect and his dog has a great slobbering tongue mottled with flecks of dirt from the chomping of sticks that the old man continually throws for him. 

Its legs are bowed from carrying the barrel of its body. Thin man, fat dog – a slight departure from the dog’s take after their owners theory although the dog also wears a red bandana knotted around its neck, along with a gold chain collar giving the dog a vaguely nautical aspect. 

This seemingly innocent activity, an old man walking his dog, is driving Jim mad because at no matter what time he leaves his desk he always, without fail, encounters this old man and his dog. 

The first few times he thought it was just coincidence. Then it started to get to him so badly that he changed his already erratic schedule and went into the park at deliberately random times. 

Sure enough, bandana dog and his seafaring owner were always there. 

This could only mean one thing…



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