Monday, 9 May 2016


Revision: read the runes, trace patterns to find what you need to know. 
Navigate canals, 
oil water rain in white diamonds, an observed distraction. 
Going back over, sifting the shards, 
selecting the gold and not quite gold.

The sun collaborates

orange on orange, 
the words seep into the paper. 
The sun returns to further burnish the words. 
Secret diaries are all well and good 
so long as you can crack the code, 
the right quantity of lemon, 
understand the process of the chemical reaction. 


letting go of the once precious pieces; 
or at least letting them seep, 
orange on orange

if you lost your key. Lost your key and had no spare. 
An invisible lock, 
the lock is invisible and you have no key. 
The door. Just how much do you want to go through? 


one door closes. 
A box of partitions
silver ball puzzle. 
Tilt the box, 
see the silver ball run. 

The point of the game 
is to land say six disparate spheres safely home. 
Each sphere with a will of its own.


  1. This really resonates with me, Jonathan. A deep, evocative, moving write. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. xo

    1. Thank you for letting me know, Marion. I like your new profile pic.



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