Saturday, 11 July 2015

Another Ace

When you are rooting for your hero to win
watching tennis on television 
is almost as exhausting as playing. 

Hold your breath, 
will he hold his serve?

He goes for the break.
You still forget to breathe. 

On your feet, 
did the ball cross the line? 

The players take a break, wipe sweat
from their brows, 
guzzle water, slurp strange juices 
from foil tubes.

You pace the lines of your living room
wipe sweat from your brow
take a loping stride into the kitchen
drink a whole sky of water.

Maybe if I stop watching…


This is it. Now or never
everything hinges on this point.

You try telling yourself 
that whatever the outcome
life will go on just the same 
simultaneously convinced
that the power of thought 
will result in another ace.

Which it does. 
It always does.


  1. "that the power of thought
    will result in another ace.

    Which it does.
    It always does."

    wow, Jonathan........Yes........more to this than we know..........

  2. My daughter and my stepdaughter were both rooting for opposite players. Someone was always going to be disappointed...

    1. Yes, agony, isn't it? Murray was my man, and then Federer - rather knocking my 'another ace' theory into a cocked hat. A case of poetic license. Thanks for reading, Kim. Loved your Quo portraits.

  3. "a whole sky of water". Wonderful, I may steal that someday.

    1. Thank you Nick. There's plenty to go round.



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