Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Storm

A storm. Buckets of rain.
A shaking of trees.
A long looping branch starts to turn
a 100 pounder gun in a tank turret
slowly swinging through a Dalek arc
in the direction of the neighbour’s chimney stack 
that it can’t quite reach
so it stretches to give a final malicious shove.
The stack comes toppling down.
Cracks split and distort walls
the house resembles a wedding cake
that gets dropped in a game 
of drunken horseplay 
to roll across the wooden dance floor.

Then the sun sort of comes out.
No-one seems concerned.
All of the houses have their blemishes
slants and slopes, crooked windows and doors.

Life goes on just the same.


  1. just sent this song to a friend, right before reading this, your post......

    called "Keep Us" Peter Bradley Adams....

    When the rain set in we had nowhere left to go
    so we just stayed in bed while the thunder rolled
    there's a comfort in the rain, one that lovers only know
    so we lay hand in hand while the water rose ...

    Every season will turn til the world is upside down
    rivers overflow then go underground
    but in the eye of the storm, in the safety of this house
    we lay hand in hand while the world turns wrong.

    So keep us and keep us, keep us from the storm.

    There's a lesson in the rain that change will always come
    let us ride this wave and then greet the sun
    and though the ground may shake and we'll think
    we've had enough
    we must raise our flags for the ones we love.

    So keep us and keep us, keep us from the storm.
    Keep us and keep us and keep us from the storm.

    1. Listening to it now as I type this reply - sunset blazing through my window. Looks like we've been kept after all. Very nice.

      Thank you, Liz.



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