Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A Low-Tech Poem

If you were to right-click
          - a phrase that will one day, almost certainly,
date this poem considerably –

then highlight
then copy
then paste

these words into Word

then go all out, live a little dangerously
and hit print

you could fold the page
into neat squares

tuck it in your shirt pocket
and carry it with you
as you go about doing 
whatever it is you do

with your very own
not connected 
to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi – these words will also, probably,
become quaint one day-

low-tech poem.

If the idea catches on
you can burn a few copies
for your friends too.


  1. God bless the computer. Who knows, one day it may even write poetry without the need for human intervention - or is this in fact the first instance of that?

    1. Now there's a frightening prospect. And there probably is such a thing. Fortunately, this one was downloaded from that odd hard drive that clacks between my ears.



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