Friday, 3 April 2015

Ash Land

Image: Su Joy

Solid black water
in the shape of a ship.
The water so solid
you can walk
on its glass surface
until you reach a cloud
squashed in the prow.
Ash land, dusted with snow
rises on all sides.
There’s only one way to go.
Strange shapes,
industrial discards
and arabesque skeletons
dancing in the dark glow.
Veins filled with white snow
rise straight upwards
to meet a hard horizon
of trees and black earthworks
and a round road sign
that doesn’t tell anyone
anything they don’t
already know.


  1. You probably already know it but I have to say it: This lyric would make a fine song.

    1. Thank you! No, I hadn't thought of it. Unfortunately, I do not know any musicians and I am completely inept at such things.

  2. Picture, words, music - a strange feast. Thank you.



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