Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Intruder (Final Part)

Enough of this, enough of this messing around - scared now, Albert took the mobile phone from his dressing gown pocket.

‘Mind if I take a look in the garden, son?’

Albert followed the policeman.

There was, of course, no man in the garden. The policeman picked his way through the entanglements on the lawn.

‘Hmm, you need to do something to make your garden more secure. There have been a lot of shed break ins lately.’

Albert thanked the policeman and watched him get into his car.

The policeman’s shiny black boots had collected a serious amount of chicken manure from the garden. Albert decided that there wasn’t a good way to tell him.

Half way back to the station the policeman felt that something smelt very bad about this latest case.

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