Friday, 16 January 2015

Playing With Fire

Step here, onto this summer day platform.
The smell of trains and railway station paraphernalia
hit the senses all at once: has the effect of taking me
back to a mischievous time when my cousin and I
spent a summer hanging around the railway station
and wading the river that meanders under
a metalled bridge where the trains thundered over.

The most exhilarating game was to climb
the brickwork that supported the bridge
and press your ear up to the metal.

The thunder of the train building
to a cosmic crescendo that drove out
all other thoughts and feelings.

Just you and a head full of train.

The other kick was playing with matches.

We bought a big yellow box
with the black silhouette of a ship.

Naturally, this fascination with sparks
and fire didn’t end
just because we grew into men.


  1. "Just you and a head full of train"


    1. My favourite line, too. Glad you like it. Thanks Liz.



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