Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Ever Onwards

Circulars and statements swiftly filed among the kindling
then an envelope from America.

I recognise the post mark and the hand writing:
a chapbook from my old friend Poet Red Shuttleworth.

Everything else can wait but this. I tear open the seal
and out comes a sunset cover with blue December floating
in the depths of orange.

I smile at the inscription and start reading,
the curtains still drawn and the crystalline lights
on the Christmas tree pulsing like a ghost’s heartbeat.

I start on a journey still in my dressing gown, my face blurry
and I’m done by the time a cup of coffee
is plonked on the table beside me.

But the unpacking of the words lasts all day –
as if the day was a page that needed filling
with dreams and visions before it was time
to close the curtains again
and pick up from where we left off:
half a moon in the garden
making mirrors of the outhouse windows,
the frost on the grass powdering my boots
as we do indeed go ever onwards.


  1. Many, many thank yous!
    Yes... we have the ever onward to go toward...
    starry dust.

    1. A pleasure to read your poetry, Red. Let's keep going!

  2. Oh Jonathan.........your writing is Breath.................

    *thank you*

    1. And in each breath we finally find ourselves. Thank you Liz.

  3. "But the unpacking of the words lasts all day"

    I know that feeling :)

    1. 'Tis pleasurable work. Thanks for reading, Kim.

  4. I love that.....breathing deep.........



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