Saturday, 13 September 2014

Are You...?

Sunlight comes through
the windows.
on the coffin.

Relatives vaguely recognised.
Others, like the man with the slicked
back teddy boy hair and rings
on his fingers
the size of planets,
who knows?

Uncles with mutton chop sideboards
and less hair than I remembered.
Another Uncle who was always
too restless to sit indoors
drinking tea with the grown ups
while they discussed the weather
or what was doing well in the garden.

An Aunt with hair turned
bristly and white
but still black down in the roots
like an old-time shaving brush.

She wears a hat that, what with
the veil and purple ribbon,
looks like it has been
modelled on a chocolate box.

She looks at me
for a good long while.

Her eyes have turned to marbles.

At one time, her question
would have been unimaginable.

Like walking into a house
on Christmas morning
and asking what day it was.


  1. She looks at me
    for a good long while

    Time suspended here is remarkable.

    And the marble eyes...



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