Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Sure Shot

Photo: Alfred Joy

He's the tallest kid in town.
He must be close on seven foot.

Think his body must have been shaped with an angle-grinder.
Has a smile that wouldn't look out of place in a tooth-paste advert.
Easy going, gangling movements. A life that's never,
even when bad things happen, been taken too seriously
because everything, in the end, always falls into place.

Work and money?

Never a problem.

While most of us have kept our noses to the grindstone,
he always managed to wrangle himself onto a jet plane once or twice a year.

Trips to places we can only read about or see on TV.

He had height, naturally ability on his side.
He could make a game of it!
Toy with his opponents
as a cat paws a dying mouse.

But the weather keeps changing.

Too much wind, lately,
too much rain.

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