Thursday, 3 July 2014

The North Hide

photo by Su Joy

The North Hide faces the lake.
Chicken wire stretched and tacked
to the ramp that leads to the door.
I pause before trying the handle.
Listen hard then pull down, open the door.

It’s a different world inside.
It takes some adjusting to,
the change in light. Going inside,
a smell of cedar wood
and it feels much the same
as entering a country church
on a blazing afternoon.
Silence and shadows.
A feeling of clicking
down through the gears
as you adjust to the depths
and silences palpable in the very air.

A long strip of low windows
give a perfect view of the lake
and the green land on the opposite shore.
I sit myself down on the pew-like bench,
wait for something to happen. 

photo by Su Joy

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