Saturday, 21 June 2014

Haunted Cat

Image by Su Joy

The fragrance
of moss below snow.

As soon as you
pick up the scent
it vanishes.

of dreams.

Graveyards spiced
with tawny-black
strands and shreds
blended with earth.

A brine of yawns,
the white whiskers

draw a smile
across space

tuned to trace
whatever’s out there
in the pewter
sky cloud.

Treacle bubbles in a cauldron.
Black sound with gold puddles
burbling in the cave of bones.

Listen carefully…

a symphony,

the ululations
between fish,

the whole starry shebang.

Slow ghost foam
pneumatic hiss
breakers whisper
the shore…

Conjuring trick of pink
blancmange in a jelly mould.
A white plate, an abracadabra
sleight of octogenarian hand.

Immaculate tremble
on an oaken gate-legged table.
Rainbow of mackerel fur
tigering the fluid shape.
Fits the glove, like a winter’s hand.

Travels the night sky
as a witch on her
moonlit broomstick. 

Sydney Opera House
mice locators,
spheres within shells
set with perfect symmetry
above snake-yellow


the spine-sharp tongue,
the scissor shear teeth

body going one way,
ears turned another,

a clue to the
moon’s mood,

the star’s claw
as we retract

sequential thinking
into a padded sleep.

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