Friday, 9 May 2014

Wellie Boots

Wakey, wakey... it's planting time!
Not light yet, Canada geese
honk on the lake.


Singing. Always singing.
Bent double, rump among
the thawing cabbages

How much is that doggie in the window...
A plume of smoke rises
follows him the whole long day.

Players Navy Cut. Bearded sailor,
HERO on his hat band.
Jolly Jack HIGH TAR

one brought to life,
from the tail-end
of another.

Flat cap. Red truck
strategically parked
doors wide open.

Abba. Always Abba.
Dancing Queen on the cab's
tape machine.

It's just getting light.
Like a pilgrimage
they follow in his wake

brown earth
where the green ball
of cabbage once was.

Home on the range
where the deer
and antelopes play...

Yet another Players to punctuate another breath.
Conversations range from Kennedy to God.
Theories behind conspiracies

A stab in the chest, then crashes down.
Shrugs it off, back on his feet
another Players lit.

I've always liked Jags, see?
One time I went in to this showroom
wearing my wellie boots

left a trail of mud
on the floor.
Looked through the window...

The gleaming showroom.
Cups his grimed hands
on the driver's window

Can I help you? In a tone that said
what's a scruff like you
doing in here?

Well, I said, mine's outside.
It's an older model,
and I was just looking

at this new one,
that I might buy it.

Oh, I see Sir...
but I don't think
I'll bother now.

By the time them
daffies come out
I'll be gone.

Crippled with pain
he makes it a point of honour
to do just one last season.

If it's alright,
I'll come back.
Let you know.

One eye comes
Won't shut, properly.

After the funeral
They plough the fields
and scatter

the son sits
in Dad's kitchen.
Looks up,

sees him there,
stood in the doorway.
Gives him a wink.

The daffodils flower
in the blinking
of an eye.


  1. A whole other world. A lot happening.

    1. Yes. It's about a larger than life character I once worked for. Thanks for reading Susan.



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