Thursday, 22 May 2014

Compliance Issues

CCTV records marionette motion,
operates a Henry Ford policy
on colour, the street familiar:
we’ve all been there.

What happens next is a head
with thinning hair, a gesture
from hands kept in Humphrey Bogart
raincoat pockets. A smile that reminds us

of some long-lost acquaintance.
Could be anyone, really. Maybe
a computer programmer
or someone unable to hold down

a steady job due to compliance issues.
The awkwardness of the baby-blue lunchbox
and never really knowing what to say.
Until this random punch renders him no-one.


  1. oh how I can relate.....Jonathan....this is really well done........and so important to *see* people.....being *seen* can sustain someone for a day, like having bread for their bodies.....when someone who is unaccustomed to being seen is seen, you see something happen in their heart, in their eyes....something visceral important to see never know how the rest of the world has made them feel invisible.

    Reminds me of something my mom always said...."Life is so hard, how can we be anything but kind."

    so so important......

    thank you, as always, for your always timely Gifts, Jonathan.

    1. Thank you Liz. I'm afraid that the story behind this poem is very grim.



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