Sunday, 9 February 2014

The White Tower - Part III

The tower was a monument to some old General who had fought in the Egyptian war.

His wife had commissioned the tower which was a nice thing to do but I don't think mine will do the same for me.

Despite all of the associations with Empire, this tower was a beautiful thing.

A slender white round tower set on a plinth. A ball of stone set on its crown like a grey planet. A viewing platform surrounded by a wrought-iron rail.

The only complication being that the tower was on private land. To get to it meant trespassing. Lots of open land: precious few places to hide if a tractor should come into view. The other problem was that you had to leave your vehicle in the lane. After a while, someone was likely to guess what you were up to.

Naturally, we were very sensible about it and completely ignored these considerations.

We parked up and set about our mission.

Sheep were bleating in the fields. The sun shone. There was, it has to be said, the disquieting sound of a tractor puttering around somewhere nearby. But we couldn't see it. There was also the odd ricochet from a shot gun echoing from the woods interspersed with what sounded like a wolf barking.

Nothing, really, to get worried about.

Being young, we were still in possession of Led Zeppelin hair.

The grand ambition of having children and going bald with worry hadn't yet occurred to either of us.


  1. I dreamed of having Led Zeppelin hair, but instead I wouldn't have looked out of place as a cast member of Gregory's Girl...

    1. Which was a beautiful film. Thanks for reading, Kim.



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