Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The White Tower - Part I

Years of being a responsible adult, the constraints that all of that entails, have taken their toll.

Being respectable has become a very bad habit.

Spontaneity. Trips across uncharted territory.

Old dogs, new tricks and all of that...

Last night I drove through moonlight. And I got to thinking, remembering...


  1. your piece brought to mind this jack gilbert poem but i had to go a bit bonkers to remember exactly which poem it was.

    The Danger of Wisdom
    By Jack Gilbert

    We learn to live without passion.
    To be reasonable. We go hungry
    amid the giant granaries
    this world is. We store up plenty
    for when we are old and mild.
    It is our strength that deprives us.
    Like Keats listening to the doctor
    who said the best thing for
    tuberculosis was to eat only one
    slice of bread and a fragment
    of fish each day. Keats starved
    himself to death because he yearned
    so desperately to feast on Fanny Brawne.
    Emerson and his wife decided to make
    love sparingly in order to accumulate
    his passion. We are taught to be
    moderate. To live intelligently.


    1. Well, I am glad that you remembered this poem and took the trouble to send it to me.

      Thank you Erin.

  2. You are years ahead of me on this front (responsible adulthood, that is), I fear, Jonathan.

    For example, much as a daft slightly blind schoolboy, I persist in seeing words that aren't there.

    E.g., had to go back three times to make sure I wasn't "seeing things" when I imagined the post to be leading us toward arcane auguries of some sort, with the first clue coming in the word "entrails".

    And indeed I WAS "seeing things", as it turned out.

    But... interesting things.

    That's what all inattentive schoolchildren habitually claim, of course.

    Shall be staying tuned to further instalments, as befits a modest learner.

    (Though it may be well too late...)

    1. You're timing is always immaculate. Coming in, after a day of holding the responsibility thing together - quite a strain, your comment lifted the spirits tremendously. Thank you Tom.



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