Saturday, 22 February 2014

The White Tower - Final Episode

My God, had he fallen over the railing?

I walked around the platform, scanning the ground and fearing the worst. If he'd fallen over the edge how was he ever going to go bald, have children and become atrophied by responsibility?

Fortunately his face appeared in the doorway. 'God', he said. 'How can you stand out there? Let's go down quick. I can't stand heights.'

So, somewhere between claustrophobia and a fear of heights, our mission to climb the tower was a great success. Maybe someone should build a monument to us after all. But something a bit shorter with lots of room inside.

And on a public footpath.


  1. Isn't there a prequel? Or is this it? I am left...stunned.

    1. Actually, there is something else. Thanks for reading, Susan.

  2. my friend calls our towers "Beethoven's 9th" moments......there's that one bit of climactic music right in the middle of the symphony that everyone knows, supported on either side by notes of mediocrity.....or at least "unsung" notes.......but those notes support and allow for the tower moments.....even provide contrast so we can appreciate the towers.......

    ....loved what you wrote, your first paragraph, brilliant......



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