Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Latest Sky Lantern News

I can't quite imagine how they ever got it together. I know this sounds patronising, but if you knew them like I did...

The plan was to find a place to launch a sky lantern.

Simple, huh?

You put the package in your car. Make sure you take a lighter with you. Oh, and find a place away from trees. Obviously.

So what did they do?

Steps one and two, fine. But they launched the darn thing a stone's throw from a forest. A friendly, paper-balloon carrying fire into the tinder dry forest.

Fortunately, the wind was all wrong.

It carried the balloon away from the forest. Towards the ridge where there was a road. Respectable folk, driving home.

Now lets see...

A man in black base-ball cap, greying hair in need of a cut. Driving a truck with the window rolled down. He's got the type of glasses that double as sunglasses. At the moment, the lenses look slightly blue. Like bruises.

He's listening to the late night news.

Soon to get a special sky lantern report.



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