Friday, 10 January 2014

Tap Room Spirits

Pubs are a major part of my life.

So many memories bound up in the dusty wooden interiors of tap rooms where spirits have helped men to see things slightly askew.

I collect pubs.

What I keep are the inns that my Great Grandfather would feel at home in. Although of course, he'd be in for a shock if he was to come back from the great public bar in the sky and try and roll up a cigarette.

The battered Old Holborn tin would come out of his waist-coat pocket. Maybe no-one would notice. Or maybe someone would look on in horror as if he'd just laid a line of cocaine on the bar.

The dark tobacco would be rolled between his thumb and fingers before being trickled into the Rizla.

By this stage, someone would be sure to say, 'excuse me Sir. You can't do that in here.'

To which, once he'd had his attention drawn to the unbelievable No Smoking sign, Gramps would reply, 'why not? I've been dead forty years. It never did me any harm.'


  1. There's a woman at work who has the great art of fag rolling down pat. A pleasure to watch her. As it is to read this.

  2. "I collect pubs"

    "The Great Public Bar in the Sky"

    love these.....especially the imagery and warmth of the latter....think I'll keep it ; ) thanks for embellishing my mental gallery with this word picture....

    sweet weekend for you, Jonathan ~*

    1. And to you. Thank you for the lovely comment.

  3. Old Holborn was my baccy of choice when I used to roll my own. I gave up smoking over 23 years ago and yet I know if someone plonked a tin and some rizlas in front of me, muscle memory would take over and I'd roll it looser if the baccy was fresh and tighter if it was just the dry crumbs at the bottom of the tin...

  4. Ah, the wondrous smell of Old Holborn.

    There was a time when I smoked a roll-up and thought that anything that feels this good can't be bad for you...

    Now I'm castigating my son who feels much the same way as I once did.



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