Sunday, 19 January 2014


If ever there was a time a human should be allowed to go into hibernation, this is it. Fortunately, today being Sunday, I could put this theory into action. I still woke before it got light. After a chilly expedition to the kitchen, I bravely returned to bed with a jug of coffee and Coyote-Gnawed US 95 Nevada.

These are some of my favourite lines from that journey:

Strangers offer lard sandwiches,
rusty, mineral-odor tap water.
  • Tonopah Mess

Getting through the morning is like using
a dry Sharpie to write Good Luck
on the belly
of a body-temperature-99 rattler.

It makes sense to substitute
army surplus wool blankets
for doors repeatedly busted-in by cops.
  • September Motel

Each deep-lung cough sounds
like a single-wide trailer's
loose, windblown aluminium
window frame.
  • Without Pieties

Monday's coming along.

I've been blessed with more copies of Red's poetry where they will join me in Thomas Hardy country where I am working this week. Fitting companions I think, to drive the cold winter away. 



  1. very much with you on the hibernation thing......peeked out of my cave to walk my doggy today, but that's about it......a haiku for you to add to your poetry collection you're packing for your week....

    oh to be a bear
    to chew on bark and berries
    and then to slumber

    ; p haha

    1. That bear's got the right idea. Thanks for reading and supplying me with more sustenance for the journey...

    2. maybe that should be the name of my next blog, "Bark and Berries"....haha....or book! dream dream dream...

  2. A book, I hope. The title has bite.



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