Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Ford Reptile

Flash of bronze placed like a reptile where the line of road becomes a dog's hind leg.
A farmhouse piled up near a white wall and the red flag of a post box. Down the sights 
created by the horse's twitching ears this grey line and the bronze flash awaits our 
slow, clopping approach. My companion holds the reigns in his white fists. 
Poppy seeds in my pocket stolen from someone's Sunday garden. All we need 
are Good, Bad and the Ugly cigars. Another shape in black sits in the shadow 
of the reptile that, as we come into focus, sharpens into a Ford Cortina Mk III. 
The man says nothing as we approach, and just as I think nothing is going 
to happen, he gets to his booted feet, silver shining from his buckle.

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