Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Green Caves Of Sky

First thing, try and locate the scene.
Guesses, possible terrain.
I must have been there,
stood in that place of foam and speed.
The rock, a living thing, breathing –
the trees and leaves making
a green cave of sky.

Four, five tributaries powering
down in ghostly flumes.

For an amateur snap, it's not bad.
An indication, a clue...

So when?

What dates it is the reverse.

AGFA. The fact that it was sent away
to be developed. Film, then.

The water held in a frame of 6 by 4.
Stopped mid-torrent to be lost somewhere,
misplaced, put in a box and forgotten.

Until today.

My life similarly frozen.

Trying to get back to the source.
The sense of time and energy flowing again.


  1. Wonderful. Beautifully done. Thanks, Jonathan.

  2. Thank you William. From a chance encounter with an old photograph. Devon or Wales probably.

  3. What a beautiful title, image, words.



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