Monday, 18 November 2013

An Old Fashioned Ghost Story (Part VI)

He finished his coffee and headed for home. On one thing he was certain. The ghost of the cat had to be exorcised. He didn't think that the sisters could help him. And he was pretty certain the church couldn't either.

The decorator was already at work sanding the blistered paint from the door. He offered him a cup of tea and the decorator said 'this kind of work's alright. But it's proper painting that I want to do.'

'Proper painting?'

'Yeah. It's what I do when I'm at home. Oils mostly. I'd like to have my own exhibition one day.'

'I've got just the thing for you.'

He went to the tool shed. It didn't take long to put his foot through the canvas. When the paintings were free he tossed them outside. There would be time to burn them later.

The decorator was delighted.

The ash from the paintings was scraped up into a bag and put out for the dustman.

When the dustcart finally took then away, he opened the newly painted door. 'It's alright now' he whispered, kicking up the remaining leaves with his foot. 'He's gone. They're both gone! Come inside and eat.'

He never saw the rustling in the leaves again. But his cat never sat in the armchair again.

As if it knew that something else was occupying it.

Adapted from a true story written by Rodney Legg, from personal experience. Included in his collection GHOSTS of Dorset, Devon and Somerset (DPC 1974)

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