Saturday, 16 November 2013

An Old Fashioned Ghost Story (Part V)

The following morning, in a bid to integrate himself into village life he attended a coffee morning. It was in one of those old church hall kind of places that never have, and never will, change. An old woman in a blue hat was sat at a nearby table with a younger woman who was her sister. He'd seen them coming and going from the cottage next door.

'It seems that you've been having a bit of a clear out' the woman in the blue hat said.

'It needed it.'

'There aren't any relations' the younger sister said. 'At least, not around here that is. There was a daughter but I don't know where she is. It might be Australia if I remember rightly. It was all along time ago. People say there was a family quarrel and the daughter ran away.'

'And the parents?'

'We didn't like either of them. Especially the old man. It was him that we disliked the most. You see, they had a cat. Just for the mousing. He was too mean to feed it. One day it stole something. The old man killed it.'

'How do you know all this?'

'He told us!' the other sister said. 'To him, it was just an animal. Couldn't see that he'd done anything wrong.'

'Anyway. I said to him, I hope one day that it comes back to haunt you!'



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