Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Road To Anywhere

A man walks down the road wearing a pair of khaki trousers and army boots.

It's a misty day and his camouflage clothing is very effective: I nearly ran him over before I saw him, thumb stuck out hoping to hitch a lift.

Having almost killed him, I decided giving him a ride was the least I could do.

He got in, said thanks and lit up a cigarette.

He wound the window down and everything about him, the way he kept flicking his hair out of his eyes, the fast puffing on the cigarette spoke agitation.

A cheap ear-ring dangled from his ear.

'So where're you heading?'

'Anywhere will do.'

The mist was a white wall and it was hard going, the handbrake like a pistol between us on the ghostly road to anywhere.


  1. Sometimes you wish you'd had a few more moments to assess a hitcher before letting them in the car. Reminds me of one of my earliest blog posts:

  2. Thank you Kim. I shall read your link this evening.



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