Saturday, 19 October 2013

Pine And Sparrow Clouds

Last night I took time out from myself. Watched TV. Friday night comedy that felt cold and silly and the screen locked me, drained away the better part of me.

Mixed in with this was the memory of a man who got injured in a driving accident. A blow to the head meant that his speech was drunken and he walked with a limp. I used to drink with him on Friday nights such as these.

The inn not far from here
three pints of brown ale
brewed from pine
and sparrow clouds.


  1. Wonderfully moving if also quite sad, this. Ripple effects, a lightness of final release, curiously elevating -- how did we get up here in the air, from way down there on the hard, bruising ground?

    Really it's those two beautiful small "colour" words do all the heavy lifting, pine and sparrow.



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