Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Long Way Round

The morning decided to arrive and I had to go along with it.

I took the drastic step of getting out of bed and descending
into the weird world of downstairs.

It'll take days to get the noise out of my system.

I read an article and realised every word described my situation. 
Why I always take the long way round. Cut through the woods, 

follow the river that adds twenty minutes onto the more
direct journey that goes by the fast road.

Oh what to do with this knowledge!

The realisation that I was stranded in a foreign country 
and needed to get back home.

Meanwhile the river water is filled with leaves and dead wood.

You can smell the stagnation as white birds shave
through the trees.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. An apt question. Very tricky to answer.

      I'm going to be pondering this all weekend.

      Thanks for reading Kim, and taking the time to ask this question.

  2. Let me know if/when you discover an answer :)



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