Sunday, 4 August 2013

Pure Theatre

The play acted out on the stage
had dialogue composed
in soporific rhyming couplets.

I dozed in my seat and found my hands
in time for each round of applause.

Until the roundness
of the applause lost its shape.

The actor was saying his lines,
turned and threw a punch
that knocked his co-star
to the boards.

The falling co-star said
something like urmph
as if the punch
had really landed
on his lips.

The co-star lay
with blood trickling
along his cheek.

It was really rather impressive.

Later, the lead actor told me that he'd misjudged the distances.
Verily muddled the particles and inches.
Although no-one in the audience had the slightest hunch
that fist had refused to be typecast and threw a real punch.
The co-star saw stars and nearly passed out
as a result of the mistaken clout.


  1. I wonder how often that's just used as an excuse... ;)

    1. I hadn't thought of it in that way. But now you come to mention it...

      Thanks Kim.



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