Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Moon On Pink Stone

Miniature Maiden Castles were arranged around the classroom.

Generous layers of green poster paint spread onto papier mache mounds.
Match sticks were used to represent where the prehistoric fences once ran.

The classroom had a series of very high arched windows that let in a lot of light.
The houses in the surrounding street were red brick Victorian villas.

I wasn't involved in the reconstructions of Maiden Castle.

The teacher showed them to me.

She was a pale faced woman with piled up black hair. She was always very kind.

Once I met her at the school gate. She said, 'here, hold this will you?'

It was a carton of chilled cream. 'Don't drop it' she said. The carton felt very cold
as it slipped through my fingers and exploded on the pink pavement.

She just smiled and said 'never mind.'

One day she was teaching us and she started to cry.
'Oh, I'm sorry children' she said as she went to find a tissue.

I've no idea what happened to her.
But that pink pavement is still there.
I could show you the place where
the cream made a perfect white circle
like a moon on the pink stone.


  1. i so appreciate the mystery of her sadness and the delight that solidifies memory,

    "Once I met her at the school gate. She said, 'here, hold this will you?'

    It was a carton of chilled cream."

    beautiful story))


    1. Thank you Erin. Mystery, sadness and delight. Yes, these are the themes alright.



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