Monday, 24 June 2013

Ted's Jumpers

In the days before drugs and murder, Ted's jumpers were a nightly wonder.

It became something of a tradition to wait by the television, dinners steaming or congealing on our laps, to wait for the end of the West Country news, to see what Ted would be wearing.

'Ere 'ee is' Grandad would say as Ted came on and Granny would say 'cor, look at what 'e's wearin'!'

Old Ted would be there, immaculate white hair, to do his bit on fishing. Where the fishing was good, where the biggest had been caught, what bait we should all be using. But what we really wanted to see was what Ted was wearing.

Old Ted would sit under the heat and glare of the studio lights wearing, as befitted a true fisherman, the chunkiest jumpers that ever went out on a freezing ocean. And the colours!
The zig-zag patterns!

When he'd finished his piece, Ted would sign off with his catchphrase and smile the wisest kindest of smiles.

It took years for me to understand what it meant.

That's all for now. Tight lines.

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