Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Country Town Rain

Endure unpleasant rain in a country town. 
Fascinated, today, by the architecture of empty buildings. 
The arches and pillars of a boarded up cinema, 
the doors firmly bolted on a church. The idea 
of the silent darkness, undisturbed for decades 
inside these grand old buildings too precious 
to knock down, too expensive to re-open. 
Limbo buildings that once were focal points 
but now get barely noticed. The hotel reminds 
me of The Three Peewits in a Powys novel but probably isn't. 
I'm left holding her umbrella while she goes inside to investigate 
a piece of furniture: a chest of drawers with thin layers of paint 
washed over the wood to achieve what I think is called a distressed look. 
I'm feeling pretty distressed myself until I discover on old book shop 
on three floors. An armchair and a grandfather clock and various 
things that catch my eye and are priced right. 
Unfortunately, what grabs me is what I already have 
on my own shelves at home except for a poetry book 
that comes at an inflated price 
because it's signed by the long-dead author
before stepping out into the rain once more.

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