Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Startle Artificial

I have heard this called morning
but I say it's still night.

Without the startle of the alarm
the artificial construct they call
going to work

I doubt
the wisdom of being awake,
up and about at such an hour

although, I suppose,
like most things
it brings compensations.
Solitude and silence
being the main ones.


  1. Well, that's a pair of brilliant compensations.

    And a poem as fine as this to boot... almost makes one wish to be awake.

    (At some later date, of course.)

  2. Thanks Tom. I'll try and keep the noise down.

  3. No, Jonathan, we need more
    Noise like this, alarming

    But in this case, less does not
    Promise to be more.

  4. Done deal.Thanks for sharing your voice on this one.

    Now for some reason the shift key's stopped working. I've probably worn it out with my quiet noise.

  5. wonderful and well said. I was actually discussing the very same thing earlier tonight.

    1. Probably a common feeling for anyone who's had to grapple with a collar and tie in a dark bedroom while the rest of the family are sleeping.

      Thanks Brent. I'm glad I'm not alone.



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