Saturday, 9 March 2013

In A Conspiracy Of Shadows And After Images

In a conspiracy of shadows and after images
a witch finds a place to stand in the corner of the room
The place she chooses is a white wall
wearing her black dress and wrapping of tattered cloak
double take but she's too clever for that
A year ago she cursed a boil to bubble under a tooth
Sent you away to make your own way
The city too close for comfort
The year turns as it is supposed to do
and a closer inspection in the mirror
keeps your face at a distance
discarded chicken bones
bring down the crows
from their chimney homes
while the first breath of snow
finds you disorganised and dreaming of dinner


  1. you've an interesting and unique way about your writing. i really enjoy it.


  2. Great. I'm glad you've got something from this, and thank you.



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