Thursday, 28 February 2013

Noel Redding

It was with a sense of wonder that I looked at your phone number written on a crumpled piece of lined paper. This number, I've no idea what later happened to it, that could connect me to a real live rock star.

It took me a few days to pluck up the courage to dial. An international code.

When I finally did, and you picked up, I could hardly speak for what felt like a brick in my throat.

You said, 'Is that Jonathan? Good to hear from you man.' Then you said, 'just a sec, 
let me get settled' and there was the sound of ice clinking in a glass and a cigarette being lit.

The salient points that I remember:

You worked hard to pass your O levels. You had no interest in being a rebel.

You thanked God that you were still a working musician.

Donovan and Roy Harper lived near you. I told you that the first gig I ever went to was one of Roy's. You said that the next time you saw him you'd tell him.

Jimi was just a shy kid. It was the fame that did him in.

The official albums were the only one's worth having. All the others were garbage, record companies cashing in.

I can't remember anything else, but Noel, you were a really kind, gentle, gentleman.


  1. i was fourteen, from a hard suburb of Toronto. we took the bus downtown. we took drugs. Maple Leaf Garden, i don't even remember who the first band was but when the house went down, without any introduction there was this scream coming from the stage. the room went dead still, one spot light came on red and in the light stood Jimmi Hendrix. and at that point my real musical journey began. hearing and seeing the Experience changed my life at fourteen.

    i am glad you wrote about Noel Redding Jonathon. this has brought me gloriously back to when i lost my virginity. thank you.


  2. Glad to have revived some good memories. Thanks Robert.



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