Saturday, 12 January 2013

Longridge Reservoir

A walk through a housing estate led
to a lane that went to a reservoir.
For a couple of winters,
this place was a regular haunt.
Water Board architecture
is a melancholy/sombre
thing. It's to do with the
grey that stains like soot,
stains the greenish stone work.
It's to do with the shape
of the windows. The arches
filled with gunmetal glass.
The windows set in
castellated towers
giving a tinted
view into the clouds.

Wait here, by the wall. You can play a tune in your head, let the mind wander. In those years it was almost always the same song. Best of all was the water. Sparkling grey. It lapped at the walls and rebounded with the coldest of breezes.

Looking West over the small reservoir on the edge of Longridge. On a clear day Blackpool and the coast would be easily seen on the horizon.

  © Copyright michael hardman and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


  1. water board architecture, ha!
    great imagery!

  2. I love the path you lead us in by in the first two lines. Brings to mind Edgbaston Reservoir close to us developed by Thomas Telford. We don't have your castellated towers, though.

    The right place for "a regular haunt".

  3. Thank you both for your wonderful comments. WB, my partner is from your part of the world. I'll have to ask her about Edgbaston Reservoir.

  4. What better on a night of hard freeze than to have the ice broken by being taken by the hand by a friend and led into a sacred place of his past. Though melancholy/sombre may not be everyone's cup of tone, it works its sooty grey magic on this reader.

    One of my favourite photographers on the British Isles caught some lovely colour in the place thirty years back, in that other millennium. Another view then of Longridge Fell.

  5. Tom, so pleased that this tone strikes the right note for you. And thank you for the view of Longridge Fell. It is, as you say, a sacred place. Meanwhile, I have the sound of 'Be Thankful For What You've Got' playing in my head.



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