Monday, 14 January 2013

Forecast For Tonight

Warnings of snow. Flurries of messages. Snow 10 miles north, 10 miles south.

Postings of snow. The back door grinds on its hinges. Wood at the edges,

paint gnawed away. Clear plastic sack for paper and plastic, ice-water

gathered, collected in cool pockets and rucks. No sign, hint in the sky.

The fire sings a song of clean oak. Blurring from journeying:

drove by North Cottage tonight. No lights - not that

it would change things if there were. Have to pass,

keep moving by the burial mounds

the long buried bones

before home that waits finding its

own cool level: makes

of us what it will.


  1. The fire sings a song of clean oak. Blurring from journeying...

    Very lovely, Jonathan. Another essential guide for the journeying in the stormy Druidic night.

    And coincidentally, to paraphrase Mr Joyce: 'twould seem the snow is general all across the centuries, tonight.

    1. Thank you Tom, from all across the snowbound centuries.



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