Friday, 5 October 2012

Goods In

One time we opened a packing case from India.
Prised the lid with a crowbar. Shredded newspaper.

Shredded paper in pink and green-lime.

A cigarette pack with the warning: cigarettes are injurious to your health.
Then on the front, in old-time lettering cigarettes for the real man.
We pulled this stuff out. This is what the Boss pays us for.

Paper like a mad clown’s wig decorating the grey floor.
Then something starts moving.

The Boss comes in. ‘Look, look’,
the black shape crawling through the papers, flexing its pincers.


  1. The mad clown's wig should have prepared us, but still, the metamorphosis comes as a surprise.

    Spooky... and fine.

  2. Shredded paper in pink and green-lime--I like this a lot. Also: Boss, India.



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