Saturday, 13 October 2012

2 Day Loan

Black wheels turned to roll an aisle where books grow into walls.
After regaining an Alice-like sense of proportion, you can start
to follow the letters, heart-scudding along, forgetting all cares
as the great names click into place.

I came to a book that had a cover that grew like some natural thing.
I held it in my hands. It was a dusty green with a symbol on the spine:
the Egyptian ankh. I put it in my bag. The first person to borrow this
book in twelve years. After another similar time span. Left to ferment.

I rode the silvery path not noticing the cars blurring around me
but heard a black heart beating in the deep shades made by a leafy
lane where, according to the general guidance given, you need to be
on your guard.

1 comment:

  1. Hello, Jonathan
    I liked knowing his blogue.
    There is interesting his form of looking and of surviving the life.

    It would like having like friend in my blogue.
    We can exchange that you experience and points of view on different reality.

    I wait for his visit.

    An embrace
    I wait for his visit



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