Sunday, 2 September 2012

Railway Architecture

The trees seem to breathe expansive sighs of relief
after the mustard-coloured metal sheets
bolted together and green
netting protecting crops
from goodness knows what.
The last tubular gasps
of a carriage being swallowed
by the tunnel through the
long field of grassy furrows
sectioned by electrified ribbons.


Mist men in furred caps
lumber jack shirts
fishing, somehow slipping through the net
no factories, offices or wives to hold them.

Steel water swirls in mud bowls
yellow flowered weeds
follow the rails and tracks
where grey pillars form structures

their use, purpose
only to be guessed at as
variegated shaded leaves
entwine the archaic arches
return the line,
railway architecture
to some kind of nature.

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