Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Van Radio Relic

Blue Ford Transit no-one else was fool enough to own but me.
What do you expect? Who else would look a vehicle over in the dark?

Drove out of the city with no tax, no insurance.
Pulled straight out in front of a police car.
He's gonna get pulled, he's gonna get pulled...

What were we thinking of in those days?

Nothing, probably.
Seeing no further than the end of next week and Saturdays, slowly
trying to distract ourselves from ourselves.

Today I told myself that it'd all been okay.

I saw a black bottle in the firelight. Red lettering on the label.
She went along with most of my crazy thinking until
she realised we were thinking ourselves nowhere.

Here's a radio, another relic no-one else wants. It looks nice though.
The big transparent dial, the red and cream wood and fabric because
things weren't so plastic in that era before we came along unless you
were old enough to live through it that is.

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