Saturday, 11 August 2012

Two Marbles In A Cave Of Green Leaves

A bird clicks like two marbles in a cave of green leaves.
A buttery light spreads on the white sheet of a bed.
The house creaks with contented motions,
so slight that only the ear can see them.
The hours continue like a long soak
in deep salty green water.

There’s nowhere to get up to.
There are bodies left behind white doors
but their owners won’t be back for awhile.


  1. I would like to go to that "cave of green leaves" very beautiful image. Also, the "buttery light" spreading--very nice.
    I like all the sounds in this poem and the mystery about the bodies or the people. I guess they are somewhat satisfied to be still.

  2. Thanks Susan. Yesterday was a perfect Saturday morning. I rememembered, very vividly, what Saturday's were like when I was a young boy. Carefree, I suppose.



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