Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Quest of Great Celtic Mystery (Part Six)

I headed back to the tent to break the latest exciting Quest of Great Celtic Mystery news to Brian.

On nearing the tent I cupped my hands and said ‘Come out wi’d yer hands up!’ in my best Ned Kelly voice. Brian’s face sprang out of the tent. He looked very pale. He said ‘Did you hear that shouting?’

I showed him the tomb of the great king. Brian noticed that there were letters inscribed on the stone. We scraped away at the green and black until we read:

Here Lies
The Dearest of Dogs
Aged 11


  1. here i read all installments at once, missing out on the suspense of what
    would come next, nevertheless enjoying all the turns and twists in your Quest.
    love the ending!

  2. Thanks for reading.

    Probably a good idea to read the story in one sitting. The suspense has just been too much for some readers.



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The Quest Of Great Celtic Mystery

The Quest Of Great Celtic Mystery
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