Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Quest of Great Celtic Mystery (Part Two)

We walked along a white path to reach a place that looked like a town. The first buildings were some way off and we were very hungry. We shouldered our packs and set off down a road that had confusing road markings that nearly got us killed.

For the first week, the weather was sunny - as was Brian despite his ambition to see Galway being thwarted by three girls in the Dublin bus station. 'Is that the bus to Galway?' he'd said.
'Yes', they said.

Like fools we believed them.

Where were we heading? We didn’t know but there were pretty villages where people came out to wave as the bus went by. Feargal Sharkey was played a great deal on the radio.

The sun kept shining as did Brian. The Quest of Great Celtic Mystery continued. The only trouble was, we didn’t know where it was heading.

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