Monday, 13 August 2012

The Quest of Great Celtic Mystery (Part One)

I’d made the trip twice. The first time was before I had a wife.

My companion looked like Brian May. Except that he had thinning patches in his frizzy rock star hair and he couldn't play the guitar.

We'd sat on the boat with a man who looked like Van Morrison. He had the same hat and there was something mysterious, poetic about him. Perhaps he was Van Morrison.

As we left the boat another passenger was saying something to his children. He looked like Elvis circa 1977. There was something funny about his voice and I didn't know what it was until Brian pointed out the obvious: 'He sounds like a Muppet.' He really did and when I realised this thing I started weeping uncontrollably.(1)

So I set foot on Ireland with Brian May, Van Morrison, Elvis 'Muppet' Presley and an uncontrollable fit of the giggles. The Quest of Great Celtic Mystery was underway.

(1) It's odd to note that the spell-check red squiggles Muppet if you don't use a capital. Muppet is a proper noun.


  1. This is very funny--hilarious even. Keep writing these.



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