Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Quest of Great Celtic Mystery (Part Three)

We were sitting by a stream playing cards. The was some kind of ruin in the distance and I thought that it might be a good idea to go and see it.

After a short while, Brian said 'Fancy a Guinness?'

We soon found ourselves in a bar that might have been on a film set in the Wild West. It was a long corridor of a place with men all lined up at the bar sociably ignoring each other. We took our places and the barman asked us 'what'll you have?'

I was considering the mystery of orange lemonade when Brian accidentally slid off his stool into the path of an approaching man who might have been a WWF wrestler on his day off. It was a hard job for him to get around the slightly disorientated Brian who was trying to regain his feet in the confined space of corridor. The wrestler said, 'Do you wanna to fight?' in the same casual tone that someone might say, 'would you like a drop more lemonade? ‘No thanks', Brian said. 'I'm a pacifist.'

'Ah,' WWF said. 'I'm a pacifist too.' Unfortunately, as he was saying these words, another hapless drinker tried to get past him and accidentally jostled him. WWF swung a fist at this newcomer to our impromptu peace conference.

We drank up quickly and continued on the Quest of Great Celtic Mystery.

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