Friday, 31 August 2012

Most Of The Time

In the extraordinary Song And Dance Man, Michael Gray describes how a Dylanologist once wrote that even without his 60s output, Dylan is the greatest songwriter. Gray takes the idea further by saying that even without his 60s and 70s output, Dylan is the greatest songwriter. He's got a point, right?


  1. Even without my 50s output, I think I've still got something going. Even without my 60s output, there remain certain people and places I can actually remember (almost).

    My 70s output escapes me now, but that's made up for by the pain of remembering my 80s output. The 90s output left a bit to be desired I'll grant you, but even without it, there's still the Millennium Output. I think we're still having that. But even without it, there is the entire Possible Future Output. Well we won't be having any of that right now, but thank you very much for asking. And in any case, even without it... the 40s output is coming up strong on the outside, even as we speak.

    Unless that's the rail I'm seeing.

    1. Gosh Tom, after a somewhat tense couple of days, I wept with laughter when I read your comment. I've got some of your 70s output. It's very, very good.



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